Friday, June 11, 2010

The Top 5 iPhone Apps

5. Bump: Touch phones with someone and magically your information/photos/whatever appear in their phone!

The only thing is, I never think to use it. That’s why it’s number five.

4. RedLaser: Never pay too much for something ever again.

Red Laser uses your phone’s camera to read bar codes and search the Infinite Bar Code Database (or something) and tells you what store the object is from, what object you’re holding is, and how much it costs. Clever, clever.

3. Word Solitaire: The best game ever.

First, I just wanna say “thank you” to Candywriter, the maker of this app. Whoever the hell you are, you rock. Solitaire is cool, but when you’re making words with the cards it’s even cooler. Words > numbers. And that little fire in the corner? At first I thought, “oh what a cool but random decoration.” Then I realized you can burn the cards you don’t want in the fire if you don’t mind sacrificing a few points. Brilliant. My mother (Scrabble fiend) and I love this part the most. And the sound effects in this game are great.

2. Music ID: Figure out what song is playing, and the lyrics.

Oh Shazam can do that too? Well Shazam does it uglier, worse, costs you more money, and has the license to fewer songs. Also, the free version limits how many songs you can ID per certain amount of time. True story: Music ID id’d this once during a movie: Trainingsprogramm Hohe Stimmlage 24 by Andres Balhorn. Is that in Shazam’s database? I’d be very surprised if it was. On April Fool’s Day, Music ID Rick Rolled all of its users who pirated it. How badass is that? (Infinity, obviously.) Coming soon: Music ID for Android so all of you Droid freaks can enjoy a music identification app that doesn’t suck.

1. Hipstamatic: Take pictures of boring things and have them turn out beautiful!

Finally, everyone can all stop whining about how “shitty” the camera in the iPhone is.
Besides, phone cameras have three purposes:
1) Taking sneaky pictures of things you otherwise couldn’t photograph without being obnoxious
2) Wasting time taking pointless pictures when you are bored.
3) Emergency photo situations when you forgot your camera.
Anyone who thinks a phone could ever be an acceptable substitute for a real camera needs to step back and reevaluate that thought. It’s a phone first, other things second. Don’t forget that.

The Hipstamatic has a variety of flash simulators to choose from, as well as films and lenses. So pretty much its purpose is to make the phone camera’s second use a million times more fun.


A chicken coop

A lady asking for someone’s ticket on CalTrain


My purse

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  1. You're right. That camera app thing is amazing. All those photos look professional.