Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ways Republicans can save money

Plant trees to cool off your home.
Place them so that they block sun coming into your windows. This will save you money in your heating/air conditioning bills and increase the value of your home!

Invest in a few fans and space heaters.
Another way to save on your heating/air conditioning bills.

Instead of a lawn, have a xeriscape.
No more paying the yard man! Or jacked up water bills because of sprinklers. But if you love your lawn and want a less jacked up water bill, try watering it and night so that less of the water you paid for is stolen by the sun.

Fix leaks ASAP.
While we’re on the subject of water bills, an unfixed leak increases your water bill more each day you put off getting it fixed.

Put a brick or something of similar size and weight in the toilet tank.
I know it sounds crazy, but this will cut your water bill down too.

Turn off appliances and lights when you’re finished with them.
Another bill you can prevent from getting out of control is your energy bill.

Save jars and plastic food containers with lids. Or invest in some Tupperware.
Foil and plastic wrap are another waste of money.

Drive less frequently/carpool.
If you’re going somewhere not too far and aren’t about to buy a ton of stuff, walk or bike. Now you don’t need gas as much. Maybe you can cut your gym bill out completely.

Don’t speed.
Speeding can result in costly tickets. As if the state needs more of your money! Also it wastes gas.

If you’re gonna get a pet, adopt one from a shelter.
Way cheaper.

Don’t buy bottled water.
Unless you live somewhere that has water so gross that it tastes bad after it’s been filtered. Otherwise, just get a filter that screws into the faucet, use the filtered water on your fridge, or get a filtering pitcher. Then get a stainless steel water bottle or two.

Sign up for paperless billing.
You save money on stamps, checks, and envelopes.

Use cloth rags and towels instead of paper towels.
This won’t work for every mess, but you will save money on paper towels.

Turn old stuff into new stuff.
Those rags I just mentioned can be made from old clothes or linens. Use a piece of paper you don’t need anymore for scratch paper instead of wasting computer or notebook paper.

Take your empty printer cartridges back to the store when they’re empty.
Many places, like Staples, give you store credit.

Buy in bulk.
Unless it’s something you’re not going to be able to use before it expires. Bulk is almost always cheaper.

Eat less meat.
Meat is more expensive than non-meat foods. And you don’t need it with every meal. Other sources of protein include: protein shakes, nuts, beans, tofu, Powerbars and the like, and other things made from beans like fake meat. Even cheese has a little protein.

Bring your own cloth bags to the store. Or ask for plastic and use them as trash liners.
It's another small investment. Sometimes stores charge for bags. And if they didn’t the last time you were there, they could start any day now.

Show the world you're not called "conservative" for nothing!

PS: If you found this and are interested in all things eco, check out - speaking on behalf of the Earth. Many of her ideas helped make this list complete.


  1. Stores are starting to charge here for bags, and plenty of stores credit you 5 or 10 cents per bag you bring of your own.

  2. Also, I always thought the point of being conservative was to be...conservative.

  3. Newflower, where I shop, credits you .10 per bag.

    Republicans, in relation to their party, think of "conservative" to only mean government spending.

  4. I shop at Sunflower, they're in with Newflower.

    I have conservative parents, and hell a conservative husband...but they're equally conservative in personal spending too. Well, Nathan doesn't like spending $1 per cloth bag, but he'll hate it more when everywhere starts charging, so I buy 2 bags every time I go shopping on my own. He'll thank me later.

  5. Hahaha! You could also just save the bags instead of buying more each trip.

    If you know people who want to be saving money, pass this along to them!

  6. I will!

    I got a little gung-ho with recycling my bags last time we made a Wal-Mart trip (I like that they provide those bins now). So I ran out of bags, because I use them as liners, to scoop the cat box (if my trash can is still empty), for wet clothes when Logan plays in the water, etc.

    I save the cloth bags, I'm trying to get a little collection going, because I use them for more than shopping. They're great for picnics, or if we're going to be outside for a while. They hold sunscreen, water bottles (reusable ones of course), blankets, towels, change of clothes, books, plastic bag for wet clothes (we have an awesome water fountain here that can be played in), snacks. LOL. I think I've turned into a soccer mom...

    I'd love some of the heavy duty canvas bags, but if Nathan doesn't like spending $1 for a cloth bag, he'd hate if if I bought $5 bags.

  7. Please link my bloggity blog to this post my love <3
    By the way, I love the twist on it to get republicans to like it lol

  8. A while back when talking to my dad I noticed that many eco-friendly things are just ways of saving money. I'm always trying to get him to be more eco but he's like, "wahh being eco is pointless and SOOO much work." Then when I was reading your blog I remembered that thought, and your list was a huge help in rounding the whole thing out. <3