Friday, June 11, 2010


I’m a huge fan of practical jokes. But my idea of a practical joke is not most people’s idea of a practical joke. No one gets hurt in my jokes, and no one thinks they’re hilarious except me and maybe one other person.

One time my former roommate, Sar-Bear, and I were watching Sailor Moon one evening. In this particular season of Sailor Moon, an evil character named Zoycite kept saying “ZOY!” as he (she?) did evil stuff. This was an endless supply of entertainment for hours. But then we decided the experience should be enhanced by some pizza. So we called up Dominoes.

Then inspirado stuck. I should totally answer the door and be all, “ZOY!” and the poor pizza guy won’t know what hit him. Yes, THIS is my idea of a practical joke. And I’m still laughing about it as I’m writing this. It’s that funny to me.

But there was one problem Sar-Bear foresaw. What if, somehow, the pizza guy got mad at us for saying “Zoy!” and didn’t give us our beloved pizza? We needed a plan. And fast, because we’d already called the pizza guy.

The plan: I would “Zoy” him while Sar-Bear secretly filmed our hilarious practical joke. Then, she would say something like, “oh sorry, we were expecting someone else.”

Lucky for you, I still have the video:

Lesson learned: Some jokes are just way too funny and can’t be done until you are over how funny they are. This might mean waiting years if you have a gem like “Zoy!” but it will be worth it not to mess it up.

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